Important Information. Please go through the following terms and conditions. Your approval of these terms is an outright condition of this website and DygitalBug PVT LTD's services.


  • Unless decided or else by email or in writing, for all work produced we will charge you according to the present typical charge out tariffs (if there are any amendments to these rates you will be informed by writing, emailed or telephone)
  • All fees and rates are excluded from VAT, which will also be accused at the predominant rate.
  • When there is a problem in loading files, the scale of time will not be charged.

Initial Trading Period of New Clients

We request payment of receipt of an invoice from our new clients for the first two active trading months. However, we will relapse to our normal payment terms.

Payment Standard Terms

  • Cancellation production or work.
  • Our customers have to pay on time to us on behalf of all the invoices and assure us fully regarding any other expenses incurred or suffered by us under clients' instruction.
  • Invoices will be paid fully by customers without any deduction or counterclaims or otherwise.

Overdue Accounts

  • If the payment of invoices is overdue, we then have a right to charge an excessive amount of interest on unpaid amounts. The interest will be calculated at the rate of 4% per year.
  • We have a right to recall all material, work, and other items in our custody relating to any stuff until all bills are funded fully.

Credit Insurance

We clear out insurance against credit risks, and all our customers should be suitable for our brokers.

Cancellation and/or change of work

In the event of cancellation or change, we have rights to charge an amount on you for all charges of fulfilling your demand, which may contain our production cost, expenses, cancellation fees, and commission and salary in respect of such schedules plans and progress work.

Legal Liability

  • We are not responsible for work that is not controlled and marked. If this is verified and incorrect, we will do our best to confirm this error.
  • We are not obliged to receive financial compensation from a third party.
  • Nothing in this Trade Agreement limits or prohibits our liability for death or personal injury to the extent that our negligence causes it.


we may terminate this Trader Agreement by notice of termination of compound interest if:

  • you make an intentional scheme with your creditors or are the subject of a claim by an organisation or (as an individual or business) go into bankruptcy or (as an organisation) go into liquidation
  • The beneficiary is delegated to one of its services
  • Stop your activities or take steps to complete them.


  • We will do our best to fully classify you, your client and any other person in the exchange relationship.
  • All our organisers are extremely secure, so no contribution from other outside sources can undermine our or your credibility.